Transformative Coaching

What is Transformative Coaching?

Simply put, coaching is a conversation that helps to move someone from where they are to where they want to be. 
In the conversation, the client leads the way and does most of the talking.  The coach acts as a mirror to reflect back to the client in a non-judgemental way so that you the Coachee can gain clarity of purpose and direction.  The process can challenge limiting beliefs and ideas that may be holding you back and can lead to a successful resolution of issues and challenges and opportunities.
This is a journey of self-discovery combined with action, motivation and goal orientation where required.  Coaching can be a powerful tool to unblock your potential and support you as you take action to make positive changes in your life.  You can transform your life
Change of course is not always easy to see or measure.  It could be something tangible and measurable or equally, it could be a deep inner shift or change, or even a long-term change of mindset that has repercussions throughout life.

What does Coaching achieve?

Let’s look at how coaching achieves this transformation, there are many areas where this happens.

Coaching may help you to;

• Find clarity on an issue
• Gain Purpose
• Become more self-aware
• Set meaningful and challenging goals
• Break the goals into manageable chunks
• See where you are now
• Remember what resources and success you already have
• Explore ways forward to achieving success
• Take specific action, targeted action
• Set deadlines and commitments
• Challenge limiting beliefs and thought patterns
• Review results and learn from successes and failures
• Look at situations differently to gain new insights
• Understand your own motivations better
• Change direction away from habitual behaviour
• Get to the core of what stops you from moving ahead in your life
• And lots more….

Who can benefit from Coaching?

We live in a fast-paced, complex and demanding world.  It is difficult to take time to think, reflect and align with what truly matters to us.  Our core values get a bit buried at times when we are challenged by the ever-increasing pace of work and life.
Coaching offers a pause.  It gives you the chance to take stock and re-evaluate what you want to create in your life.
So, who can benefit from coaching, ANYONE who is ready and brave enough to change!

What is it NOT?

Coaching is not therapy/counselling.
Coaching is not mentoring.
Coaching is not training.
You might want to think about it like this…… 

Therapy & Counselling are focused on understanding the past and are often related to problems usually of an emotional nature. 

Coaching focuses on the future and clients come with both negative and positive issues.

Mentoring requires experience and knowledge of the area being mentored. 

Coaching doesn’t require any experience or knowledge of the area being coached.

Training is largely pre-defined by the subject and the agenda of the trainer.  \

Coaching is an open agenda based on the client and the belief that the client has the answers, knowledge and solutions within

While we can make these clear distinctions, note that as a trainer and a mentor, we can move into those modalities as suits the individual and unique situation as required.

What else?
Coaching is 100% confidential
• Coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the coachee
• Coaching is non-directive
• Coaching can be challenging and requires courage, honesty and openness on both sides of the conversation

One to One Coaching

Group Coaching