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Teacher Training

Join me on the next 200-Hour Transformational Yoga Teacher Training course starting in November for a journey of learning, growth and inner and outer transformation.

This teacher training with me Noeleen Tyrrell is a place to nurture and cultivate resilience, strength, empathy, joy, love, connection and compassion – all qualities that we need in our lives and in our community right now. If you want to deepen your practice and understanding of all things to do with the practice of yoga including but beyond simply moving in asana, then this course is for you. My student teachers have told me that this is a life changing course that is challenging in the best way possible and that has the power to crack us open to reveal the endless well of joy within.

I have been teaching yoga for over two decades and am at my best (and happiest) sitting in the seat of the teacher surrounded by students who are fully present and open to the magic of the wisdom teachings and practices. Yoga has the power to transform lives especially when we have the courage to go deep into the study and practice with intention. This training is full on and requires a commitment from me as your teacher and from you as the student.

In Sanskrit, the sacred language of yoga, we call this studentship Adhikara. One of the qualities of Adhikara includes having Beginners Mind – being open minded and receptive to new things and having the courage to give those new things a chance. When we have this open and expansive mind then anything is possible!

So, I invite you to come as you are with a big wide open mind and brave heart.

Programme Content

The Anusara 200 Hour Part-Time programme is made up of two distinct 100-hour parts, each with its own distinct curriculum.
The first 100 hours are called The Anusara Immersion and the second 100, the Anusara Teacher Training. Together they make up the 200 HR Teacher Training.

Both parts are superbly designed to bring the student on an empowering journey of self-enquiry and a deepening of personal practice. Immersion is all about you, your practice and understanding and yoga education. The second half of the Teacher Training is about you learning skills and techniques to share what you have learned, in a clear, inspiring, safe and ethical way. In other words you will learn to ‘teach what you know’, and from this most empowering starting point you be ready to go out into your community and teach with confidence.

In this programme, we will complete the Immersion and move directly to Teacher Training. The 100 Hour Immersion can be taken as a deep study of yoga in its own right.

Anusara Yoga is the gold standard of training worldwide, with wonderful teachers and communities all around the globe. The programme offers students, teachers and trainees one of the best yoga teacher training opportunities in the world. Students will use the skills and knowledge acquired in the Immersion and add to that key teaching skills that will help them grow into wonderful confident yoga teachers

In this Teacher Training you will study and explore:

  • Universal Principles of Alignment™
  • Asana Practice (lots of practice!)
  • Pranayama and Meditation Practice
  • Anatomy & Biomechanics
  • Yoga Philosophy and History
  • Emphasis on non-dual Tantric Philosophy
  • Yoga Metaphysics
  • Yoga Ethics & Lifestyle
  • Teaching Skills – teaching systematically, giving effective instructions, observation, demonstration, teaching what you know
  • Sequencing
  • Theming
  • Teaching Meditation
  • Teaching Pranayama
  • Adjustments and Assisting
  • Teaching Practice (once again, lots of it!)
  • Lots of time to build confidence

Life is a gift, not a problem to be solved” – Anonymous

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who loves yoga and wants to know more the practice and teaching.

Anyone who want to deepen their asana practice and develop a relationship with the more subtle body practices of Pranayama/Breathwork, Meditation & Mantra

Anyone who is actively practicing yoga consistently and wants to know more about the deeper levels of practice

Participants can be from any walk of life, retired, working or availing of a hybrid working model that allows flexibility to take part in a course like this one.


  • Applicants for the 200-hour programme must have a practice and understanding of yoga from attending weekly classes and/or having a home practice. It is difficult to say in terms of ‘years of practice’ how many are required as everybody starts at a different point and learns at a different rate. Usually 2 years practice is a good benchmark but I will assess your suitability when we meet on Zoom or at one of our Open Days.
  • For those who have no prior experience with Anusara Yoga, you must before beginning the course complete a 6 Week Beginners Anusara Yoga Course online. The course can be taken in your own time and is sent to all successful applicants free of charge upon registration. This course is available to all registrants regardless of their experience with the method
  • A love of yoga, stamina and a strong work ethic

Class Times

  • 7 x 3 Day Modules In Person at Kindred Studio in Strandhill, Sligo  ( Friday – Sunday – 9 am – 6 pm)
  • 1 x 3 Day Module In Person Residential Retreat (venue to be announced) .  Note there is an extra charge for accommodation and meals
  • 6 Hour Long Classes and 6 Tutorials to be taken prior to live meetups and throughout the course as a learning tool (in your own time)


  • Friday 6th October – Sunday 8th October 2023
  • Friday 17th November – Sunday 19th November 2023
  • Friday 8th December – Sunday 10th December 2023
  • Friday 12th January – Sunday 14th January 2023
  • Friday 9th February – Sunday 11th February 2023 (Residential)
  • Friday 8th March – Sunday 10th March 2023
  • Friday 12th April – Sunday 23rd April 2023
  • Friday 17th May – Sunday 19th May 2023 – Graduation
  • Dates are subject to change


I am delighted to be leading this training at Kindred Studio in Strandhill, Sligo. It is a beautiful location with stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean and plenty of free and easy parking, beach walks and great food nearby. If you need to stay over there is a wide range of accommodation to choose from. Check out the list on Kindred Studios website. The wonderful Katie Brennan will be our hostess with the mostess!

Programme Accreditation

This course is registered with the following two international bodies. This is an Internationally recognised qualification which can be used worldwide.

Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY) – upon successful completion of the course students may register with ASHY as an Elements Teacher.

ASHY is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance (YA) – upon successful completion of the course, students may register with YA.

Programme Bookings

Application & Registration


200 Class Room Hours with an expert teacher with over 30 Years experience of practicing yoga and working with the human body, mind and heart. Twelve of these hours will be online in person meet ups, all the rest are in the studio. It is worth emphasising here that many yoga teacher training courses have as little as 60 classroom/contact hours, the rest are made up with you practicing and studying on your own or with online recorded lectures etc. In fact, some courses are fully automated and you do them in your own time, never once sitting with your teacher!

So, when comparing courses please take note of how much time you will get to spend with your teacher and how qualified that teacher is. Ask questions, be discerning.

An Introduction to Anusara Yoga – this is an online course that you will have access to throughout your training and beyond. It is a great tool for you to revise and practice what we have learned during our times together. It includes classes and tutorials on the practice of Anusara Yoga.


The Anusara Immersion Manual and The Anusara Teacher Training Manual – can be purchased on the first day of the course from Noeleen or directly from Anusara School of Hatha Yoga/

Books – the following books are required.  There are other recommended books that we will discuss when we meet.

Light on Yoga – BKS Iyengar 

Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

Any edition of the Baghavad Gita and The Yoga Stutras by Patanjali.  That said, my favorite translation is by Edwin Bryant.

Yoga Props – as a serious yoga practitioner you must have your own full yoga kit. All props etc. will be available to buy from Katie at Kindred Studio or you can shop around before we begin. Props required include, 4 yoga blocks, 2 yoga bricks, 1 yoga belt, at least 1 x cotton yoga blanket and an eye bag optional.

Accommodation and Food – for any part of the course. We are planning a Retreat as part of the February module. Details are not finalised as yet but we will keep the costs to a minimum.


Fill out the online application form below and choose you method of payment. If you would like to chat get in touch via email or phone.  If you would like to have a chat then we can arrange a suitable time.  If however you are ready to go ahead an book then here are your options. You can pay the full amount of your registration fee via bank transfer with the details below or choose a payment option in the boxes below.

To Pay in Full

Bank Transfer to

Noeleen Tyrrell/Ard Nahoo Yoga

AIB, Stephen  Street Sligo – A/C 30049011

Sort Code – 937258


IBAN – IE16AIBK93725830049011


So, what are you waiting for, fill your application form today an take a big step towards becoming the best version of your wonderful self!

Payment Options

Deposit + Single Payment

Pay a non-refundable Booking Deposit of €1100 immediately to secure your place.

Payment details


Deposit + 3 Installments

Pay a non-refundable Booking Deposit of €500 immediately to secure your place on the course and further six instalments in the following months.

Payment details


Please note, that your fee includes an Anusara School of Hatha Yoga Fee – 2.5%: €80 (€75 Early Bird)

Student Testimonials


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