Anusara Yoga

The word “Anusara” (pronounced “AH-noo-SAH-rah”) is a Sanskrit term that means “flowing with grace.” It is also sometimes interpreted as “listening to your heart,” “going with the flow,” or “following your bliss.” Because of its focus on positive thinking, Anusara yoga classes are often uplifting and inspirational.Anusara yoga provides a highly effective way to align the body with what is called “the optimal blueprint.”

Noeleen Tyrrell

I am an experienced Certified Anusara Yoga teacher and have been practising and teaching yoga for 3 decades. I have reached deep into the well of yoga to find that there is enough wisdom in the tradition to keep me busy for quite a few lifetimes. 

The yoga world has changed greatly since I began my practice, with lots of positive innovations and some not-so-great additions.