Come As You Are – Weekend Workshop Series

These are workshop-style classes for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of alignment in their practice. Not alignment for any aesthetic ideal, but alignment with connection to the heart, the inner body and the inner teacher as the primary intention or Sankalpa.  

One could say that we Align with the Divine! We use the gift of embodiment to work skillfully with the intelligence of the breath and human biomechanics to turn the practice into an art with a scientific foundation.

Workshops take place in Kindred Studios, Strandhill, Sligo (11am – 1pm)

BOOK BELOW FOR THE NEXT UPCOMING WEEKEND DATES –  simply choose below how many workshops you would like to attend.  There are only 8 Spaces available each day so book quickly.                                                                                        Warning – we will have fun!

                                                  Sorry not suitable for absolute beginners !

Dates; March 8th, 9th & 10th/April 12th, 13th & 14th/May 17th, 18th & 19th

If you have any questions just drop me a note

  See you there!

Friday 17th May

Universal (You – Niversal)Heart

The lesson that the yoga tradition teaches us again and again is that we are neither alone or separate.  We are ‘part of ‘ not ‘apart from’ other.

We are connected to each other and the everything.  When this world is in chaos, when there is so much pain and feelings of loneliness and difference we can easily dismiss this as theoretical or even unhelpful. 

Yet, the truth being what it is (i.e. reality) is revealed to us through the practices. Day in day out we practice anchoring ourselves in the Universal Truth.  ‘I AM THAT’.

Come and Another day another down Dog!  Come connect to others, connect to all.

Saturday -no workshop

No workshop today.  Student teachers will teach their classes throughout the day

Sunday 19th May

Full Circle

This is the last workshop of this series.  It is with full hearts that we celebrate the bond and support that we cultivate on the mat

Expect a fun practice where we will help each other to be our best selves while playing with backbends and arm balances.


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