Come As You Are – Weekend Workshop Series

These are workshop-style classes for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of alignment in their practice. Not alignment for any aesthetic ideal, but alignment with connection to the heart, the inner body and the inner teacher as the primary intention or Sankalpa.
One could say that we Align with the Divine! We use the gift of embodiment to work skillfully with the intelligence of the breath and human biomechanics to turn the practice into an art with a scientific foundation.

Date: February 3rd – 5th,  April 21st – 23rd, May 19th – 21st.

BOOK BELOW FOR THE NEXT WEEKEND DATES –  simply choose below how many workshops you would like to attend.  There are only 5 Spaces available each day so book quickly.  Note: you can only book for the next chronological dates but if you would like to hold a place for future dates just drop me a line –

                                                                                                      Warning – we will have fun!

                                                                                              Sorry not suitable for absolute beginners 

Bend For Brigid

Open up to the gifts of the goddess Brigid and welcome Imbolc/Spring and the wonder it brings.

It is the time when we witness the the land beginning to wake up.  Bulbs well hidden in the depths of the earth courageously begin to show their faces.  

We too plant seeds in the earth of our hearts through consistent practice.  Like the daffodil today we will bravely work with the goddess energy in backbends to bloom into the magic of the present moment.

Friday February 3rd, 10am – 12pm


Yoga is Skill in Action

In the famous text The Bhagavad Gita, one of the definitions that Lord Krishna gives of yoga is – ‘Yoga is Skill in Action’.

With that in mind, we will work skillfully using informed biomechanical principles to support us in twists and arm balances. Part of that skill is to cultivate ‘non attachment’ to the outcome.

So, wherever you are is good enough.  And to put a Tantric lens on it, wherever you are is perfect!

Saturday 4th February – 10am – 12noon


Sunday Loving

Divine Love transcends all differences.  It gives protection and is everywhere.  If that is the case why don’t we always feel that?

Here in our yoga community, our Kula we can help each other to remember that.  We study together and open up to the wisdom teachings of yoga.  We practice together bringing those teachings to life in our body and our hearts.  We play together and support each other outside of the class room.  This way we nurture the seed of love living in our hearts.   Another backbend practice!


Sunday 5th February – 10am – 12noon



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