Anusara Yoga

The word “Anusara” (pronounced “AH-noo-SAH-rah”) is a Sanskrit term that means “flowing with grace.” It is also sometimes interpreted as “listening to your heart,” “going with the flow,” or “following your bliss.” Because of its focus on positive thinking, Anusara yoga classes are often uplifting and inspirational.

Anusara yoga provides a highly effective way to align the body with what is called “the optimal blueprint.” This blueprint is an energetic imprint of the physical body and represents the most ideal alignment of the body where all parts are integrated, open and functioning in the most optimal way. There is a specific sequence of steps in which the body becomes aligned to this blueprint, which is referred to as the Universal Principles of Alignment™. As the word Universal suggests, these principles apply to all people, of all ages, abilities and stages in life. The Universal Principles of Alignment are highly therapeutic and provide a basis of knowledge and approach for Yoga Therapy.

The philosophy that underpins Anusara yoga classes is referred to as a non-dual philosophy. This philosophy takes the premise that life is not a punishment, not a problem to overcome, but that life is essentially good. In our lives, we have the potential of experiencing happiness in the highest way, when we align ourselves, both physically, mentally and spiritually.